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About Us

About Us

Our team of experienced and motivated engineers are diligent and keen to deliver reliable and trustworthy services to our clients. In doing so we provide our clients with the reassurance they seek and advance the position of respect and admiration that is linked to our company brand.



Clients seek independent inspections as a way of demonstrating that their attractions and equipment comply with standards, industry guidance and modern consumer expectations. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience so our clients can benefit from our know-how and achieve their goals with regards to safety and compliance.



With over fifteen years experience specifically in the independent inspection industry and a company history serving a diverse range of engineering industries stretching over forty years, we have developed technically advanced and ingenious systems to deliver diligent inspections and accurate design validation. Our products are respected and admired by our contemporaries, industry organisations and trade associations. All of our work in undertaken in compliance with the principles of ISO/IEC 17020, which was developed to promote confidence in the robustness and rigour of the work under taken by bodies performing inspection.



Our role is to ensure clients receive demonstrable reassurance that their attractions are safe for use. We recognize the importance of this work and so diligently follow our systems and procedures to deliver reliable, exemplary performance. We only allow trained and authorized individuals to perform these critical inspection services. Our engineers are talented, experienced and educated to the highest level in their chosen discipline of expertise.



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David Inman

David Inman joined the company in 2013. David was introduced to the independent inspection industry in 2001 when he started work at the Babtie Group as a member of the Leisure and Special Structures Department.

Over the past 15 years David has worked exclusively on amusement attraction safety projects developing his knowledge, skills and expertise in this unique industry.

Over this time he has become admired, appreciated and valued in his chosen field of engineering expertise.

David Inman

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